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Opportunities to take advantage of initiatives including the Coach Tourism Association’s summer networking event and the new Scottish Tourism Observatory were some of the 36 new articles in VisitScotland’s industry communications effort between April and June. A wealth of new insights, news and opportunities for businesses have been regularly updated at, including:

Made in Glasgow Trails and Campaign

Experience Glasgow Food & Drink was successful in its bid to the VisitScotland Sector & Destination Marketing fund and launched a consumer marketing campaign, 'Made in Glasgow' to raise awareness of the city’s food and drink sector, drive footfall and spend to support recovery after the pandemic. From local producers to restaurants and bars - such as Dear Green Coffee, The Gannet, Swadish, Sprigg and Gaga - 63 businesses participated.

The activity ran from March to May. March focused on a Glasgow food and drink trail whilst April highlighted Scottish produce and ingredients. Results so far include 389 pieces of placement over press, influencer and social channels, 1.1 billion opportunities to see (OTS), 618,053 total video views, 130,075 TikTok channel views and 4,911 link clicks.

Walking Tours in Glasgow – New Tours

Experience Glasgow Food & Drink awarded Walking Tours in Glasgow collaboration funds to develop food and drink themed tours including Glasgow Beer Tour and Glasgow Coffee Tour. Glasgow Beer Tour features breweries both large and small including Drygate, Hidden Lane and Bungo Brew Company. Glasgow Coffee Tour covers local roasteries such as Dear Green Coffee and the city’s best independent cafes.

Both tours will be self-guided and available in a digital format with the potential of Craft Beer Tour becoming a guided tour in the long term. Both are currently being designed and due to launch In August. The tours will be part of a series of commissioned food and drink themed tours showcasing the best of Glasgow.

Scottish Food and Drink Trail

Experience Glasgow Food & Drink is also supporting the development of the Scottish Food & Drink Trail of Glasgow by Mharsanta, a map featuring the best of the city’s Scottish restaurants aimed at an international audience.

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